2021: Traveling in Your Own Backyard

Yep, I've gone into landscaping. Give us a call if you need someone to dig in a tree. 😉 The other day, I read a NY Times article on Roff Smith. He both wrote and photographed about his local travels around his hometown in Sussex, England. Due to the pandemic, he has been confined to… Continue reading 2021: Traveling in Your Own Backyard

2021: Sunsets at Short Beach

A Self Capture of me entering in to the sunset. The sun is beginning to set. I like watching the warm colors mesh in together.  In the distance, a couple of friends are giggling. And there’s a guy who’s snapping photos away on his phone. My dog Mahal and my mom and I are basking… Continue reading 2021: Sunsets at Short Beach

2020: Last Day of Summer

A couple of weeks, I strolled through Stony Brook Village with my dog Cookie. We caught the sunset and watched several dog walkers go to and fro while we wore our masks and kept our distances. Life isn't how it used to be since everything went haywire back in March. Right here in the village… Continue reading 2020: Last Day of Summer

Exploring NorCal: San José, Merced, & Modesto

Ceres/Modesto Ceres/Modesto is just a typical town with the usual gas stations and convenient stores. There is definitely an in-n-out. My cousins and I drove to this red Taco Truck, which served super delicious and fresh burritos. Two benches stood right next to the truck and the cooks and the owner knew the regular customers… Continue reading Exploring NorCal: San José, Merced, & Modesto

2016: Block Island

My Family and I visited Block Island last Sunday. Traveling from Orient Point, Long Island to New London, Connecticut was about a hour long and then from New London to Block Island, Rhode Island was another hour. Oh, goodness! Let me tell you, traveling below deck made me want to vomit. (Note to self: When… Continue reading 2016: Block Island