2021: Visiting the Nassau County Museum of Art

The side view of the Nassau County Museum of Art. Long Island – I stood on acres and acres of grass, surrounded by abstract art. A series of metal rectangular shapes were positioned one behind the other almost ready to fall like a domino. Another work of art appeared like a lid from a beer… Continue reading 2021: Visiting the Nassau County Museum of Art

2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island

My heart pounded. I kept looking back behind me. It was just the narrow hallway. Light only emanated from the broken, square glass windows and doorways. The wooden floors were shattered. It was no longer the fine wood that held patients and doctors and nurses on their feet. After all, this hospital had been abandoned… Continue reading 2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island

2019: A Stroll through the City

The weather app forecasted a chance of rain. Thankfully, though, the blue skies stayed put. In the mid afternoon my mom and I strolled through Manhattan through 10th and 9th Avenue away from the brewing crowds in Times Square. We just came from a Play about Filipinos and immigration called Felix Starro. And I wanted… Continue reading 2019: A Stroll through the City

A Japanese Garden Stroll

It's September. What better way to enjoy the remaining days of summer than by strolling through a park! A Japanese Garden Stroll, indeed! The rain droplets are pouring down. In the distance, the birds are chirping and the cars are rushing back and forth. The garden is beautiful and magical even before I enter. Its… Continue reading A Japanese Garden Stroll