2021: Traveling in Your Own Backyard

Yep, I've gone into landscaping. Give us a call if you need someone to dig in a tree. 😉 The other day, I read a NY Times article on Roff Smith. He both wrote and photographed about his local travels around his hometown in Sussex, England. Due to the pandemic, he has been confined to… Continue reading 2021: Traveling in Your Own Backyard

2021: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Folks! 🙂  This post isn’t really about travel-travel. But, I figured today is special since I want to thank God for all the love in the air! During this time, I totally dream of venturing out into the world. However, waiting at home has made me think about what I want more… Continue reading 2021: Happy Valentine’s Day!

2020: Dream Camera Come Rescue Me

A typical selfie: taking a photo of yourself in front of a mirror. 😉 Taken with a Fujifilm x100f. In an ideal world, or, if I was granted the opportunity to have my own customized camera, these would be some of my ideal specs: Image stabilizationFlip out screenNo zoom lensFixed lens if possibleShutter speed and… Continue reading 2020: Dream Camera Come Rescue Me

2020: Last Day of Summer

A couple of weeks, I strolled through Stony Brook Village with my dog Cookie. We caught the sunset and watched several dog walkers go to and fro while we wore our masks and kept our distances. Life isn't how it used to be since everything went haywire back in March. Right here in the village… Continue reading 2020: Last Day of Summer

2020: What’s in a Name?

A Self-Portrait in Parque Retiro, Madrid. “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once said, or at least one of his characters said. The name Susanna has been used for more than thirty years of my life. I’ve taken pride in it now, especially since I own my own blog with my full name. However, back when… Continue reading 2020: What’s in a Name?

2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 3: Alhambra

Inside the Garden of Eden. Er, I mean, the Generalife. About a month ago, I booked tickets in advanced to enter Alhambra, which is known as the Red Castle in Arabic. I’m just mesmerized about the amount of detailed put in these archways. This is an example of Magnificent Islamic Architecture and this was constructed… Continue reading 2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 3: Alhambra

2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 2

A view from our AirBnB location in Albaicín. Well, the hot water that day was non-existent along with the lack of toilet paper. So, my friend and I messaged our AirBnB host about the issue. More random self-portraits at our AirBnB He texted us how to adjust the hot-water yet we never received that batch… Continue reading 2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 2

Self-Portraits: Vanity or Celebration of Self?

These self-portraits have been taken in El-Escorial, España. I can’t help but see as I set up my tripod and steady my camera and press down the shutter that this all feels vain. What do you think? With self-portrait photography, I guess I want to showcase my beauty and my individuality - just me. I… Continue reading Self-Portraits: Vanity or Celebration of Self?

2020: Wandering through Zaragoza

My friend Claire and I took the ALSA bus from Madrid and we rode straight - with the exception of the 15 minute bathroom break - to Zaragoza. A bit about Zaragoza... Zaragoza in terms of tourism is the least popular compared to Toledo and Salamanca to visit and the least known. Well, the city… Continue reading 2020: Wandering through Zaragoza