2021: A Stroll through Central Park

The Famous Bethesda Fountain “I guess you say… What can make me feel this way… my girl! Talkin ‘bout my girl…” a man was singing a capella to that famous tune by the Temptations.  So, the other Sunday, my mom,  my dog Mahal, and I were inside Central Park. It’s a famous park that’s featured… Continue reading 2021: A Stroll through Central Park

A Stroll Through the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

After shopping in the mega Japanese market store called Mitsuwa, I traversed through the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. It stretches about 18.5 miles. And you walk by apartment complexes and some outlet stores and restaurants. But, just across the river, you witness the splendor of the city of New York with its towering buildings and… Continue reading A Stroll Through the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

2020: Toledo Again

A view of the River Tajo from a bridge. Last Saturday, I took another tour with Smart Insiders and we traveled to Toledo, Spain. It’s one of my favorite cities. The city of Toledo was build on three cultures and faiths - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. About 1000 years ago, it also served as the… Continue reading 2020: Toledo Again

2019: Advanced Selfies at the Park

Inside Parque Retiro, Madrid, Spain Advanced Selfie... what?!The lovely Sorelle Amore coined the term Advanced Selfie. It basically involves you just taking a photo of yourself without anyone's assistance and in any pose you like. Additionally, in a way, it goes beyond just taking a photograph of yourself. It's about embracing the body you currently… Continue reading 2019: Advanced Selfies at the Park

2019: Soaring Pines

In one of the many parks of Long Island, there is a forest with pines that reaches towards the heavens. It's quite wonderful and peaceful to visit! Tree Hugger on the Loose Alert! Lock all your doors. ;P (Advance Selfie of Myself) Today, my dog Cookie and I traveled through this particular park. I wanted… Continue reading 2019: Soaring Pines

A Japanese Garden Stroll

It's September. What better way to enjoy the remaining days of summer than by strolling through a park! A Japanese Garden Stroll, indeed! The rain droplets are pouring down. In the distance, the birds are chirping and the cars are rushing back and forth. The garden is beautiful and magical even before I enter. Its… Continue reading A Japanese Garden Stroll

Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite

About a week ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore NorCal and visit family. The following are just my thoughts and experiences while visiting these places just for the day: Oakland Oakland sort of had that SoCal vibe with its towering palm trees, beach-like fronts, and bright skies. My brother and I stumbled upon… Continue reading Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite