2021: The Other Cloisters’ Art

A mural of a camel hung up on the dimly lit stone wall. I noticed the shadows and the way that light bounced off the walls or seeped through the windows. And there was an electrical outlet near the bottom of the floor. Impressive! About a few weeks ago, I visited the famous Cloisters in… Continue reading 2021: The Other Cloisters’ Art

2021: To Mask or Not to Mask in Manhattan

A couple of weeks ago, before Manhattan officially allowed  “vaccinated” folks to walk the streets maskless, I was in this very city all masked up. So, these were my thoughts while walking through the streets. Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph strangers with their permission and with their masks on. 🙂 While the majority… Continue reading 2021: To Mask or Not to Mask in Manhattan

2021: A Stroll through Central Park

The Famous Bethesda Fountain “I guess you say… What can make me feel this way… my girl! Talkin ‘bout my girl…” a man was singing a capella to that famous tune by the Temptations.  So, the other Sunday, my mom,  my dog Mahal, and I were inside Central Park. It’s a famous park that’s featured… Continue reading 2021: A Stroll through Central Park

2021: A Night on the Waterfront

Couples held hands. Groups of friends lingered, catching the view and beckoning their friends to photograph them. Parents guided their kids on bikes as they glided through the pavement. Such was the night's atmosphere as I strolled on the waterfront. From across the river, the city skyscrapers' white and blue and red lights shimmered on… Continue reading 2021: A Night on the Waterfront

2020: The Cloisters Re-Opens

Oh, nice! My mask matches my outfit, haha. This is a selfie. 😉 Last Saturday, I visited the Cloisters in New York, which is part of the Met Museum and it features medieval gothic and romanic art and architecture. I was excited to go inside again! It's one of my favorite things to see and… Continue reading 2020: The Cloisters Re-Opens

2020: 33 Years of Travel

A view of Manhattan Wow, 33 years of travel! A couple of days ago, my parents and I celebrated (we've been quarantined together since March) my birthday in the city. And we visited my favorite park: Fort Tryon Park, which also houses the Cloisters. It's a medieval-like structure with medieval art inside, such as the… Continue reading 2020: 33 Years of Travel

2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island

My heart pounded. I kept looking back behind me. It was just the narrow hallway. Light only emanated from the broken, square glass windows and doorways. The wooden floors were shattered. It was no longer the fine wood that held patients and doctors and nurses on their feet. After all, this hospital had been abandoned… Continue reading 2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island

2019: The Pidgeon Situation

That super-star! My flight from Madrid landed in the New Jersey Airport right after 2PM, I found myself going through the usual security protocol: presenting my passport and declaring if I bought any Duty Free Items and waiting for my suitcase to arrive from the baggage claim. From there, I bought a SIM card because… Continue reading 2019: The Pidgeon Situation

2019: A Stroll through the City

The weather app forecasted a chance of rain. Thankfully, though, the blue skies stayed put. In the mid afternoon my mom and I strolled through Manhattan through 10th and 9th Avenue away from the brewing crowds in Times Square. We just came from a Play about Filipinos and immigration called Felix Starro. And I wanted… Continue reading 2019: A Stroll through the City

2019: Audience of the Opera

This is the outside of the Metropolitan Opera. Also, I enjoy stalking photography. 😛 From time to time, or, rather whoever will pay for me, I enjoy going to the Opera! This the interior of the Opera House. It's minutes before we had to head to our seats. People's eye sights were glued to someone,… Continue reading 2019: Audience of the Opera