2021: Sunsets at Short Beach

A Self Capture of me entering in to the sunset. The sun is beginning to set. I like watching the warm colors mesh in together.  In the distance, a couple of friends are giggling. And there’s a guy who’s snapping photos away on his phone. My dog Mahal and my mom and I are basking… Continue reading 2021: Sunsets at Short Beach

2021: Upon These Shores

https://vimeo.com/503925125 From time to time, I like to vlog. About a few weeks ago, I just strolled upon the local shores of Long Island and showcased the beauty around me. Also these are the words that I said in the video:  ~ ‘Now, I stand alone upon this shore in contemplation. I’m torn with being… Continue reading 2021: Upon These Shores

2021: At the Beach

You can see a couple of properties not too far out. I was walking on its shore with my dog Cookie. We then heard a couple of gun shots echoing in the distance and Cookie definitely pulled back in the opposite direction. Well, it’ll be a couple of months before springtime. Thus I’m enjoying the… Continue reading 2021: At the Beach