2018: The People of Iceland – Part Two

Check out Part One if you haven’t already! 🙂 As mentioned before, I had a wonderful time in Iceland. I met so many interesting people who have lived their whole lives there. Also, I've met people who have immigrated there and have since then called Iceland home. These are some of the people… Adam! So,… Continue reading 2018: The People of Iceland – Part Two

2018: The People of Iceland – Part One

I think Iceland has become a top travel destination. And I imagine that once the pandemic is diminished there will be more tourists flooding there. Before September of 2018, I had no idea what Iceland was or even of its existence. When I first heard of Iceland, it just conjured up scenes from the ice… Continue reading 2018: The People of Iceland – Part One

2021: First Trail Adventure in Avalon

Woo! The other day was Mahal's First Trail Day. And I’m so proud of him! After waiting a few weeks for his vaccinations to kick in, I was able to finally treat my puppy-roo to a mini-trail at Avalon Nature Preserve. He was afraid to climb the metallic steps, so I had to carry him.… Continue reading 2021: First Trail Adventure in Avalon

2021: A Trail with the Saints

This is St. Therese. Taken with the Canon GX7 Mark III. So, the other day, I visited a shrine/trail dedicated to the Saints. It’s a peaceful place all the way out east on Long Island. The saints – both the men and the women –  have inspired me to act more in a pleasant manner… Continue reading 2021: A Trail with the Saints

2020: Behind Granada

With leisure travel closed for the time being, I feel pensive about one place in particular: Granada. Back in March of 2020 before the pandemic, I was teaching English in Madrid, Spain. And on one of those weekends, my friends and I took a road trip down south to Granada. We definitely visited the historical… Continue reading 2020: Behind Granada

2021: Snowy Feelings

Well, it has been snowing several times a month here in the state of New York, which is both a blessing and an inconvenience at times. In the past, I had to shovel snow and then head off to work. Mahal might be the only one who's really enjoying the snow. 😉 Thankfully, nowadays since… Continue reading 2021: Snowy Feelings

2021: The Back Streets of Philly

So, a few weekends ago, my parents and I drove to Philly to celebrate my sister’s Birthday in the park. The streets seemed cleaner and not a lot of action was going on. Some people wore no masks outside, which annoyed me, especially since Philly is a city and close contact is inevitable. Then there… Continue reading 2021: The Back Streets of Philly

2021: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Folks! 🙂  This post isn’t really about travel-travel. But, I figured today is special since I want to thank God for all the love in the air! During this time, I totally dream of venturing out into the world. However, waiting at home has made me think about what I want more… Continue reading 2021: Happy Valentine’s Day!

2021: Upon These Shores

https://vimeo.com/503925125 From time to time, I like to vlog. About a few weeks ago, I just strolled upon the local shores of Long Island and showcased the beauty around me. Also these are the words that I said in the video:  ~ ‘Now, I stand alone upon this shore in contemplation. I’m torn with being… Continue reading 2021: Upon These Shores

2021: At the Beach

You can see a couple of properties not too far out. I was walking on its shore with my dog Cookie. We then heard a couple of gun shots echoing in the distance and Cookie definitely pulled back in the opposite direction. Well, it’ll be a couple of months before springtime. Thus I’m enjoying the… Continue reading 2021: At the Beach