2021: To Mask or Not to Mask in Manhattan

A couple of weeks ago, before Manhattan officially allowed  “vaccinated” folks to walk the streets maskless, I was in this very city all masked up. So, these were my thoughts while walking through the streets. Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph strangers with their permission and with their masks on. 🙂 While the majority… Continue reading 2021: To Mask or Not to Mask in Manhattan

2021: No Dogs Left Behind

A screenshot of the Siberian Husky named River, whom I rescued last month. About a month ago, I discovered this non-profit organization called No Dogs Left Behind. Their mission is to rescue dogs from slaughterhouses in China, rehabilitate them, and ultimately have them all adopted into loving and secure homes. A lot of the dogs… Continue reading 2021: No Dogs Left Behind

Back to the States

A sunset view from my flight window. You literally could have your own row to yourself. There were so many rows to choose from. Also, I ended up watching three movies during this time: Joker, Jumanji: 2, and Frozen 2. (I don’t recommend watching sequels, haha! ;P) All photos were shot on iPhone 7 Plus… Continue reading Back to the States

2019: A Stroll through the City

The weather app forecasted a chance of rain. Thankfully, though, the blue skies stayed put. In the mid afternoon my mom and I strolled through Manhattan through 10th and 9th Avenue away from the brewing crowds in Times Square. We just came from a Play about Filipinos and immigration called Felix Starro. And I wanted… Continue reading 2019: A Stroll through the City

2019: Audience of the Opera

This is the outside of the Metropolitan Opera. Also, I enjoy stalking photography. 😛 From time to time, or, rather whoever will pay for me, I enjoy going to the Opera! This the interior of the Opera House. It's minutes before we had to head to our seats. People's eye sights were glued to someone,… Continue reading 2019: Audience of the Opera

2018: Exploring the Met

Woo! I had the awesome opportunity about a week ago to visit the Met Fifth Avenue. I only had about thirty minutes to explore this place, yet this wasn't the first time I visited. Anyway, below this paragraph, I'm just providing my general tips/thoughts on exploring this wonderful museum: A Brief Look at What's Inside A… Continue reading 2018: Exploring the Met

Hanging Out with the Happy Drunks

"We want corn dogs. We want corn dogs!" chanted the crowd in front of the kitchen. Two security guards blocked the entrance. Soon a lady entered from the kitchen, holding a tray of corn dogs - hot dogs covered in battered flour. And the riot began. Women shoved in front of women. Men over extended… Continue reading Hanging Out with the Happy Drunks